Mario Quezada

Mario Quezada is a multi faceted Artist, Designer, Photographer, and Visual Design Director who heads up Cartel 66, a visual design studio in Honolulu, HI.

Just recently, Mario was part of 42Entertainment, the world’s premier Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) Company. While there Mario drove and managed the creative vision for the Award winning “If Looks Could Kill” Toyota Camry alternate reality game which won a Silver Ogilvy Award, as well as the visual identity for “The International” movie experience. As Visual Design Director, Mario was integral to the creative vision of interactive interfaces, websites, advertising and all motion graphics. Mario was part of the award winning teams that created “The Dark Knight” ARG, “Year Zero” – The Nine Inch Nails ARG which won the Grand Prix at Cannes, “The Vanishing Point” for Microsoft Vista, and “Dead Man’s Tale” for Disney’s Pirates of The Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest. Team Awards include A Grand Pix Cannes Lion, A silver Cannes Lion, numerous Webby’s, a Cleo, One Show Interactive and many w3 Awards.

Previously, Mario was a creative director at 3Pin Media. While there, Mario oversaw design of many visual experiences including projects for Google, Galpin Auto Sports (G.A.S.) and Pimp My Ride (MTV). Prior to 3Pin, Mario was Creative Director for Lightspan, an educational learning technology company, and led interactive web based design teams both in Santa Monica and San Diego. Before Lightspan, Mario was an associate creative director for Trik:Media, an online design firm and internet gaming company. While at Trik he led the Diageo Company design team, as well as in-house motion graphics and interface design. Prior to Trik, Mario was an art director at Zentropy, and an associate Creative Director at Spike Radio/ Spike Studios, the Australian Based design firm in Los Angeles, where he oversaw the Toyota Australia ad campaign and managed a team of 10 artists and designers.

Mario has been a freelance designer/art director for many clients which include MovieLink, Priority Records, E! Entertainment, MTV, and Warner Brothers as well as many small web companies and advertising firms. Mario had his start at Disney Online and Disney Blast as a lead artist/ designer in charge of online stories and comics.

In recent years Mario has embraced his analog artwork and has become an accomplished illustrator and painter.

“I love faces, they tell the story that I can’t, so most of the time you’ll see faces and people in my work. I’m a graphic designer as well, so I love to paint words and text.”

Mario’s art subject matter reflects his passion for the people of Nepal, Urban and “Low Brow” influenced art, surf culture and his love of design as well as his deep connection with God.

“Oftentimes you’ll see the word “Infect” scrawled on my artwork. Infect is a play on words, for the most part we associate the word with a negative connotation, but we can also infect the world with goodness and love, that’s what Jesus came to do, and I want to be like Him.”

An award winning Creative Director both here and on the mainland, Mario says he’d rather just paint, take photos and teach the bible. Mario’s personal artwork is very different from his design work. “I’m able to just get lost in painting. I pray constantly as I’m working on a piece, and many times I feel the Lord just take over and create beauty that I can’t. It’s pretty radical.”

Mario is originally from East Los Angeles, California and has a BFA in Graphic Design / New Media from the acclaimed Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

“One of my favorite verses in the bible is 1 Cor 10:31: ‘So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.’ I hope to emulate that daily.”